Alberta Camping: Bear Safety Tips

Alberta Camping: Bear Safety Tips

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A lot of campgrounds can be found in Alberta, Canada. You will require an outdoors stove if you want to experience Alberta camping in the great outdoors. The southern part of the area has some great campgrounds.

The coffee always tastes better from a tin pot blended on a campfire. The sleep time snacks dependably taste better when cooked over the campfire.

You will discover a wide range of campgrounds in Alberta. Some site is very much treed and large and a few destinations are in the Alberta are drylands. You can even discover Alberta camping areas in the mountains with astounding lakes and mountains as sceneries.


Alberta Camping: Campgrounds Tips and Tricks

Campgrounds In the little towns can cost you just 10 dollars for each night and this is a site with outlets and hot showers.

Alberta has 5 national parks which incorporate boondocks and front country locales. Alberta has 68 common parks and 200 hundred recreational territories which additionally give overnight stays.

Alberta Camping areas offer first-rate and nature-based adventures in the campgrounds. You will discover that best Alberta campgrounds are exceptionally created destinations which offer power outlets, shower, and flush toilets to rural little luxuries, for example, siphon water and outhouses.

On the off chance that you buy a Wilderness Pass it will permit you boundless boondocks to travel and camping for 1 year. For people who just need to stay a couple of evenings, the wild Pass can be obtained at any stop entrance from 8 dollars to 30 dollars for every individual depending upon the recreation center you will stay in.

Bear Safety Tips

You will see a few bears on your out entryway exercises so here are some fundamental principles to pursue.

Storing Food

Bears are drawn to the smell of food. Try not to welcome a bear into your campground keep it clean. Store your food in the storage compartment of your vehicle. Ideally in airtight food containers and far from your resting area.

Never store food in your tent or tent trailer where you are sleeping.


Never cook or eat close or in your tent. Try not to cover food scraps underground. Try not to litter, Place all junk in the appropriate bins given in the campgrounds. In the event that no compartments are accessible take it out with you when you leave.

If you catch any fish only clean them at fish cleaning station if no station is accessible utilize a rubbish compartment.

Using Flashlight

If you are moving around the campgrounds during the evening utilize a flashlight at all times. Move mindfully during the evening don’t circle aimlessly.

Having a Dog

On the off chance that outdoors with a dog keep it on a chain, not more than 10 feet long. If you have lost your dog it might provoke a bear and take it back to your campground.

Having Kids

Keep kids near you all the time. Never give them a chance to get out of your sight even for a moment. More children have been lost in light of the fact that the parents turned their back just for a moment.

Fruit Trees

The bears are drawn into berry spots evade them if a bear encounter is possible. You don’t need to take the risk of that encounter to have the berries. Purchase yours at the store.

Bear Sprays

Buy a bottle of bear spray and read the guidelines before you go outdoors. Keep the can nearby and in your tent around evening time.

In Conclusion

The true backwoods camper makes certain that all attractants like food supplies for both you and your pet, or scented toiletries are put away so the bears cannot get them when you are far from your camp spot.

In the event that no storage unit is around, you can hang them from a tree something like 13 feet/4 meters off the ground, and at any rate 5 feet/1.5 meter from another tree.

Make certain the foodstuff is put away no less than 330 feet/100 meters from the tents or sleeping area.

Keep in mind you are the intruder, not the bear this is his space. Don’t intentionally confront a bear in the end, you will lose the fight.

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