Life List: Beginners Guide Checklist

Life List: Beginners Guide Checklist

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On the off chance that you’re a birder, you need to keep a life list of sightings when you bird watch. Your life records ought to be kept in a bird watching diary. 

Life List

A real life list is a record of the types of birds you’ve located after some time. Normally, the rundown is kept in a diary. Every section takes note of the bird species, the date, area and any notes you need to include. Contingent upon your specific bird watching misuses, you can keep one worldwide rundown or separate records as you see fit.

Bird Recording

For some birdwatchers, one life list essentially isn’t enough. Things being what they are, how might you separate your rundowns? Here are a couple of thoughts;

Birding Life List Checklist

1. House Lists and A rundown of birds located around your home.

2. Yearly Lists and A rundown for every year you bird watch.

3. State Lists and A rundown for locating by a specific state.

4. Trip Lists and Journals for specific bird watching excursions or visits.

5. Lists of things to get and A rundown of birds you haven’t seen, however, would like to. You essentially check them off as sightings happen.  

Bird Life List Online

You can buy computer life list projects or utilize bird life list online. Each program is unique, yet most arrive in an agenda design. You enter data and the program releases your rundown.

The issue with utilizing computer programs is the computer itself. Except if you will carry a computer around with you, there will be a postponement among sightings and your diary passages.

Utilizing a computer program is likewise troublesome if you need to keep an accumulation of representations of specific species you’ve recognized. For most birders, a computer list is an enhancement to a proper diary, not a substitution.

life list


Bird watching is a to a great degree individual enthusiasm. If you’re simply beginning, you may think you don’t need to keep a real life list. The issue with this methodology, obviously, is you will regret the choice on the off chance that you later choose to do as such. Every one of those sightings will be gone with time.

If you’re going to begin bird watching, ensure you keep a real life list diary from the start. As I jump at the chance to state, “Preserve the experience!”

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