Squamish: Bald Eagles Touch Base In BC

Squamish: Bald Eagles Touch Base In BC

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Squamish: Bald Eagles Touch Base In BC

The yearly assembling of Bald Eagles in Squamish BC is in progress. Consistently many of these raptors winter on the banks of the Squamish River. It’s tributaries to devour Salmon.

Strategically placed somewhere between 2010 Winter Olympic hosts Vancouver and Whistler, a comfortable tip of Howe Sound. This is an exhibition not to be missed on the off chance that you are in the zone this winter.

By and by our planet’s biggest social events of Bald Eagles in progress in Squamish British Columbia. Only North of Vancouver BC, and 50 km south of the world-class Whistler Ski Resort.

In view of populace gauges, up to 5% of the worldís bald eagles winter in the specific this exceptionally available zone. From one survey space, frequently many Eagles can be seen. Also, a short stroll the correct way will enable you to see some more.

Bald Eagles Touch Base In Squamish BC

For a considerable length of time, a huge number of glorious Bald Eagles have been assembling on the riverbanks of the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers.

Devouring the plentiful salmon that either did not exactly make it to the bringing forth channels or have achieved their life’s objective and along these lines have met their ensuing death.

Attempting to safeguard their vitality in the winter months, birds will eat up to two pounds of this high esteem protein consistently.

World Record

The feature of the hawk seeing period is the yearly Bald Eagle Count, which will occur on January eighth this year. It is headquartered out of the Brackendale Art Gallery.

Utilizing the predictable approach, an include of the hawks the territory on this end of the week consistently has been kept since 1986. In 1994 a world record 3769 birds were checked inside a couple of kilometers of the Squamish zone and its tributary waterways.

Terrible climate can be useful for hawk seeing as the birds tend to remain nearer to the riverbanks and closer to review zones. At the point when the climate is incredible. They will probably be off for somewhat fly around the streams, mountains, and timberlands of the Squamish region.

Eagle Safari

A standout amongst other approaches to see the Bald Eagles in their astounding environment right in their own particular living space is on an Eagle Float visit, or Eagle Safari through Canadian Outback Adventures. A fantasy involvement for enterprise explorers, picture takers, families, schools and instructive gatherings.

It is the most ideal approach to get up near these raptors without exasperating them. While they more often than not run wilderness boating trips in the mid-year, in winter.

Canadian Outback takes vacationers, school and instructive gatherings on skim visits down the waterways in the territory. Keeping in mind the end goal to see these tremendous winged animals in their regular environment. All with dazzling mountain and timberland backgrounds.


Squamish: Bald Eagles Touch Base In BC

The nearest Squamish Hotel to the prime hawk seeing a region in Brackendale is the Sea to Sky Hotel and Conference Center on Highway 99 at Garibaldi Way.

Incredible bird seeing territories is just about a kilometer away. The inn additionally offers rebate ski bundles to those setting out to ski or board at Whistler Blackcomb.

There are other great review territories nearby. Especially along the stream dikes toward the finish of Judd Road. Also, around the bringing forth channels between the Mamquam River and the Squamish Valley Golf and Country Club.


To see the birds from ostensibly the best survey region, divert west from Highway 99 at Garibaldi Way. This is a left hand divert on the off chance that you are originating from Vancouver, or a correct hand diverts in the event that you are originating from Whistler.

Turn right again in around 20 meters at the T-intersection with Government Road. Take after Government street for just shy of one kilometer, and you will be at the Eagle Viewing territory.

There are bunches of stopping on the privilege An interpretive focus on the dike from which you can get an incredible perspective of many Bald Eagles. In the event that you are exceptionally fortunate, there may likewise be a couple of seals around,  in addition, an assortment of other winged creature species.


On ends of the week from December to mid-February, there are frequently volunteers from Squamish’s Eagle Watch program on bringing to the table more data and a look through higher fueled telescopes.

Other awesome survey territories are close to the Tenderfoot Fish Hatchery, The Squamish Estuary and close to the Spawning channels between the Mamquam River and the Squamish Valley Golf and Country club.

Squamish is an open-air amusement Mecca with a large number of rock climbing highways. It has many kilometers of Mountain Bike trails, twelve amazing day climbs, a portion of the best windsurfing and kite-surfing on the west shore of North America.

Also, superb wilderness boating or kayaking, and scuba making a plunge Howe Sound. For the less brave, there is hiking, 3 picturesque fairways, strolling trails, shorelines and lakes, and cruising accessible. The new Squamish Adventure Center was as of late opened on Highway 99.

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